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Girl . Cancer Survivor . Sex . Lust . Nurture . Comfort . Warm. Provocative. Wonky. Breastfeeding . Strength . Controversy. Nature . Life. Source. Feminism. Woman.

Some people sketch with pencils whilst others prefer pens. The only way I can 'draw' is with a needle and a bit of thread. I draw out my ideas on a piece of linen before intricately traversing each line with twice mercerised cotton thread. The result is a minimalist piece of hoop art on a nudish-petal pink cotton linen. Framed within an black oval hoop measuring approx 7cm x 10cm, neatened on the reverse with acrylic felt (kinder to your walls).

Each piece of embroidered work I create is unique and a true labour of love. I personally double check and pack each order, ensuring that they carefully and beautifully packaged before they set out to their new homes.

I started to learn embroidery when I was 10 years old. It was my mother's way of keeping my out of mischief on the rainy days, when I had a habit of dismantling everything in sight. Tragically, she never did have the chance to teach me all she knew. A debilitating accident took away her deft needlework abilities and I just couldn't bring myself to ask her for lessons again. Since then, I have dabbled with the craft over many years and only recently have I picked up my needle and thread with the intention of 'painting' on fabric once again. I mix traditional methods and newly learned methods with a more personal rebellious modern approach.