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'While You Sleep', Baby cloth

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...the moon hums and the wind sings a sweet lullaby, while you sleep. ...dream big my little one!.....

The idea:
These are mighty and pretty useful things to have for babies! They can be used as light blankets (we use one in summer and 2 in winter), swaddling cloths for newborns. They are handy when you're out and about or on longer adventures. Works as a screen to provide shade on a stroller, as a breathable cover if you are discretely nursing or as muslin to protect your clothes or mop up milky messes.

The composition:
Japanese double gauze fabric is wonderful for babies. It is made of 2 layers of wispy soft 100% cotton gauze bonded together with minuscule stitches to make the airiest of fabrics. (Gauze is basically a higher quality muslin type cloth). The result is a breathable, gentle cloth that is cosy when it's cold and airy in warmer weather. This particular brand of double gauze is the same one I've used for my baby since he was born. In facet he still sleeps with one. Tactile and soothing and it softens with every wash.

Wash as a delicate cotton with the rest of your baby's clothes. Prefers to be air dried. You can iron it if you like but don't worry about it - put your feet up and rest instead!

Size: 96 x 105cm

I prewash all my cloth before cutting and sewing. However, I recommend that you wash the cloth before the 1st use. Just for your baby to recognise a familiar scent - It's more comforting for them I think.