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'River Blossoms', pencil wraps

Image of 'River Blossoms', pencil wraps
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Doesn't a pencil "wrap" sound far nicer and cosier for your writing implements than a pencil "tin" or "case"? It's more like a hug for your scribblers! Keep your pencils, pens, eyeliners or even crochet needles safe and sound.

These pencil wraps are made using traditional print Japanese cotton cloth. The wraps have been made rigid and tough enough to keep your pencils, pens, crochet needles and even paint brushes cosy, together and safe. They are lined with a durable organic medium weight cotton. The cases do up with a micro-fibre faux suede cord and can be used flat as pictured or rolled up for extra security.

✝The Size:
Measures approx. 7cm x 21cm whilst closed.