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"Portrait of a Unicorn", hanging ornament

Image of "Portrait of a Unicorn", hanging ornament
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My unicorn portraits begun as a special request from a customer in Paris. As usual I was wracked with nerves when I sent it off, but she loved it so much that I couldn't resist making a few more for my shop.

My Unicorn Portraits are made to add magic to your walls. They work well in nurseries and kid's rooms, as special ornaments living rooms and even creative spaces like offices or studios. Gorgeous during festive seasons yet wonderful all year around too.

I LOVE making these. I lavish them with enough little details to keep inquisitive eyes marvelling at them. Made with lace, Liberty print ribbon, sparkling twine, silk tassels, golden stars, tiny vintage inspired keys, vintage lucite blooms, satin leaves, sequins and Japanese glass beads.

I designed, hand cut and hand stitched each unicorn using the highest quality 100% merino wool felt. It is super soft but much stronger than synthetic felts, which means my work will last and last. Conforms to European Toy Standards and carries the Oeko-Tex ‘confidence in textiles’ mark, so it contains no nasty chemicals, including heavy metals. The metal hoop used is steel within a rubber coating.

The amount of detail and the combination of materials used, not to mention that it is entirely handmade, means that each portrait is utterly unique.

I have kept the string extra long to allow you room to play with your ideas. You can either tie a loop and hang it on a hook, use masking tape, whatever suits you!

As a rough guide, the loop is about 10cm in diameter.

Each ornament will be sent boxed and wrapped in tissue and water resistant cellophane wrap - to protect it against our fabulous British rain.

Care instructions and a sample of washi tape will be included too.