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"I Caught The Moon", ornament

Image of "I Caught The Moon", ornament
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"I've made me a moon-catchin' net,
And I'm goin' huntin' tonight,
I'll run along swingin' it over my head,
And grab for that big ball of light."
Shel Silverstein

Stories are not confined to the pages of a book. This soft moon would be super as part of your every day story. Add it to your creative space, living room, studio or kids room - where it could serve as an imaginative play or story time prop, Maybe you might fancy a game of Moon catchin'? Or just let it be - gazing out from your wall.

Handmade by me using cotton poplin cloth that I designed using very old lunr photographs and digitally printed right here in the UK. I've cut, sewn, stuffed and hand finished each moon myself so no two can ever be exactly the same. I've used soft toy filling to stuff the moons and this complies to all EU and UK safety standards. The hanging string is pure cotton.

Measures about 15cm across. You can either tie a loop in the string and hang it on a hook, or use masking tape, whatever suits you!

Each ornament will be sent boxed and wrapped in water resistant cellophane wrap - to protect it against our fabulous British rain.

Care instructions and a sample of washi tape will be included too.