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"Particle Petals" Mini Rests

Image of "Particle Petals" Mini Rests
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If you follow my stories on Instagram, you might just remember me experimenting with resin and a plethora of unlikely additives over the summer months. Trial followed error. Lessons were learnt after mistakes, tears and temper tantrums. Then, eventually, I started to smile at the results and I hope you will too!

These pretty useful things are chopstick rests, or hashioki in Japanese. They are made with a very safe, stable and non-toxic UV resin in which I have suspended crushed preserved rose petals that I dried and saved from a bouquet received last year. I use a bit of British sun (a precious and rare thing these days) to set each piece before hardening it completely with a UV lamp.

These are a bit smaller than the typically long versions more common in Japan as I thought they might fit a more cosmopolitan table setting so your chopsticks can sit alongside spoons without taking too much space. You can also use them as pen or brush rests. They are made to adapt to your lifestyle.

Each mini rest measures approx 3.4cm. They are not "perfect". They have may have a bumpy bottom and some air bubbles. I think this gives them character and personality - it also means that no two can every be the same. They are sold in pairs and each pair of mini rests will arrive with you handsomely wrapped.

*Made with Japanese chopsticks in mind - these typically have a tapered end.