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'Awkward Malachite', necklace

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“It was curious how quiet that last evening was; as if I had already left, and we were just two ghosts talking to each other.”
J. Fowles

There is something about awkwardness that makes me smile the honest smile of warm appreciation.

I want to celebrate awkwardness in all its ungainly raw beauty. This collection of beautiful compositions, formed with carefully and thoughtfully parts to create nonconformist silhouettes. Awkward angles and discordant harmony.

The Composition:
Polished brass tube, a marble rectangle bead, a smooth malachite orb. The chain, clasp and loops are all tarnish resistant 14k gold plated brass.

//The Size:
The chain is often referred to as a "princess length" and it sits on the collar bone. Measures about 18 inches.