Stranger London


“There is no beauty without some strangeness” 
― Edgar Allan Poe

Welcome to Stranger London, a maker + pedlar of uncommonly lovely things.

Here you will find things for curious minds. Honest things that are well-made and well-priced. Things that in a world saturated with consumerism try to inspire a deeper connection with the things we choose to buy.  

I am on a mission is to make proudly unconventional kid's room accessories that supersede stereotypical mass made things. Wonder-filled things that spark the imagination, make a happy memory or an inexplicable sense of satisfaction. My creations are not necessarily trend-led things for 'cool kids'. But more for the kids who think and play outside the box. Kids who are a touch wild, voraciously curious, brave, individual, unconventional, fun, expressive, naughty - much like their big people!

I am a momma to a newborn and a 3yr old explorer and I design and make everything as carefully and as thoughtfully as I can so that it will last long enough to be passed on to further generations. I am against throwawayism so I promise to repair anything that I make without charge - But a contribution towards P&P is very welcome.