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"Unstoppable Kid III", Garland

Image of "Unstoppable Kid III", Garland

When it rains, and others complain. Don't be afraid to be the person that goes and dances in the rain. Find the silver lining. Ride the storm clouds like a surfer glides over the waves. Nothing can get in the way of your bright eyes, kiddo!

I love making garlands and wall hangings. I dream of them going to new homes where they will inspire, be smiled at and enjoyed for years to come - that's what spurs me to keep doing my very best to make them as well as I can. No cutting corners, no shortcuts, no details overlooked.

I think they work well in nurseries and kid's rooms, where they can be a backdrop to creative imaginative play, story telling as well as look pretty darned awesome on your walls. They also work well in living rooms and even creative spaces like offices or studios. Use them as unconventional festive or occasional decorations. Each one is painstakingly made so no two can ever be the same.

For my Unstoppable Kid garland, I designed, hand cut and hand stitched each cloud and lightening bolt. The felt used is the highest quality 100% merino wool felt. It is super soft but much stronger than synthetic felts, which means my work will last and last. Conforms to European Toy Standards and carries the Oeko-Tex ‘confidence in textiles’ mark, so it contains no nasty chemicals, including heavy metals. The toy filling used to stuff the motifs complies to all EU and UK safety standards. The lightening bolts are made with high quality glitter encrusted cotton fabric.

Colour Palette:
Pastel peach
Pastel pink
Slate grey
Mid grey
Iridescent silver glitter

I have kept the cotton twine long on the garland so you have flexibility in where you wish to hang them.

Each garland will be sent boxed and beautifully wrapped in tissue and water resistant waxed paper - to protect it against our fabulous British rain.

Care instructions will be included.