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"The House Above The Clouds", ornament

Image of "The House Above The Clouds", ornament
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Do you know the story of the house above the clouds?

Stories are not confined to the pages of a book. Some of my most powerful and cherished memories involve my mother telling me stories. Telling - not reading! She would pluck tall, marvellous and wonder filled tales out of the ether and transform our humble bedroom (which was actually disproportionately wide corridor) into a magical land where jackals wore hats and argued over vetkoek with elephants with wings. And where honeyguides created mischief for strange creatures that didn't exist in my encyclopaedia. It is only now when I look back and study my memories (for that is all I have left of my mum), I realise that she took inspiration from the things around us. The three legged elephant carving, the drawing of a honeyguide, the shadow that the trees cast on our ceiling. They all found a way into our magical world.

With all that said, have YOU heard the story of the house above the clouds?.........Tell me the story!

My ornaments are lovely decorations for your walls or ceilings. They work well in nurseries and kid's rooms, living rooms and even creative spaces like offices or studios. Each one is a labour of love and an utterly unique heirloom piece.

I designed, hand cut and hand stitched each cloud and each house using the highest quality 100% merino wool felt. It is super soft but much stronger than synthetic felts, which means my work will last and last. Conforms to European Toy Standards and carries the Oeko-Tex ‘confidence in textiles’ mark, so it contains no nasty chemicals, including heavy metals.The toy filling used to stuff the motifs complies to all EU and UK safety standards. Each and every one will be unique.

Measures about 22cm long from the top of the roof to the bottom of the tassel. I have kept the string extra long to allow you room to play with your ideas. You can either tie a loop and hang it on a hook, use masking tape, whatever suits you!

Each ornament will be sent boxed and wrapped in water resistant cellophane wrap. Care instructions and a sample of washi tape will be included too.