'Sew & Seal', Japanese Letter Set

Image of 'Sew & Seal', Japanese Letter Set

"With a piece of thread, the possibilities are endless".

I have a few letter sets that I bought back from Japan to offer curious and design/quality conscious people the chance to try these beautiful products. These sew & seal letter sets inspire creativity, personality, and emotion in the beautiful ritual and art of hand written correspondence. Imagine the joy of receiving a letter this way!

Each set contains 1 thread card, 2 envelopes and 4 sheets of wonderful quality letter paper. The envelopes have perforated edges to allow you to sew and seal the letter.

Each thread card holds 100m of 100% cotton thread of extraordinary quality and inspirational heritage. Smooth with a subtle and elegant sheen, they are so wonderful to use and collect that they will weave their way into your heart.

Made in Japan.

The Story of Daruma Thread:
For over 100 years Daruma Thread has sewn together the feeling that individuals have for someone special, and joined together people's love for the simple things in life. A simple piece of thread can bind together whatever you find precious making sure that it never drifts far away.

In 1901, Yokota Chozaemon, having trained in sales of the Kyoto art of Kanoko Shibori dyed fabric, began to make and sell thread. This was the time in which various fabrics such as muslin and meisen silk became available, in addition to the standard cotton and silk. Yokota and his wife believed that no matter how the times were to change, thread for hand stitching would always be an integral part of daily life. Based on this sentiment, they refined and perfected their product until they came up with a superb quality silk-cotton thread. It featured a glossy sheen like silk and a smooth texture, and most importantly was durable and strong. The Yokotas marked their excellent quality product with the symbol of a round Japanese doll known as a Daruma. They chose the Daruma to represent their brand due to its ability to "fall down seven times but get up eight."