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Image of 'Plum Blossom Onigiri II' ornament
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'Plum Blossom Onigiri II' ornament

Onigiri is more than just a tasty rice ball, it is a true Japanese soul food. Carefully formed in the palm of the hand, onigiri is made with love and when eaten it brings real comfort. Onigiri symbolises love, care and heartfull connections between people.

This Plum Blossom version is inspired by those very first hints of Spring. In Japan the plum blossom appear before the more famous and celebrated cherry blossoms. I think that they are the braver blossoms because they will dare the cold first. Plum blossoms are also an important motif in 'Hinamatsuri', Dolls or girl's day in Japan. When people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of their daughters.

They add charm to any room. Adorning walls in nurseries, kid's rooms, creative and playful spaces like offices and studios. They are a fun way to widen cultural horizons and inspire us to cherish the passing seasons.

I cut out, hand stitch and form each onigiri and plum blossom. Each tassel and pom pom is also intricately created by me. I use 100% Merino wool felt, finest embroidery floss and glass beads. The toy filling used, complies to all EU and UK safety standards.

A lot of care and attention goes into the creation one every one of these ornaments. They are made with materials and techniques that will make them last long enough for you to hand them down to the next generation.

Measures about 27cm long from the top of the onigiri to the base of the tassel. I have added extra length of cotton string to the top of the wall hanging to allow you room to play with your ideas. You can either tie a loop and hang it on a hook, use masking tape, whatever suits you, A tiny spool of washi tape will also be included in the parcel.

The Story of my felt Ornaments:
I have taken traditional Japanese motifs and made them into seasonal wall hangings in finest quality wool felt. Originally these ornaments were made as bespoke items for one of my customers who wanted Spring and then Summer inspired versions for her daughter's bedroom and her study. Since then, I've made quite a few more variations for my London-based Japanese customers of all ages!

Image of 'Plum Blossom Onigiri II' ornament
Image of 'Plum Blossom Onigiri II' ornament