I wish you, adventure.

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There are many ways to have an adventure. Depending on your powers of imagination, you don't even have to leave your house! This was made to inspire adventures both near and far. Adventures always start in the heart.....

Originally these ornaments were made as bespoke items for one of my customers who wanted Spring and then Summer inspired versions for her daughter's bedroom and her study. Since then, I've made quite a few more variations for my London-based Japanese customers of all ages!

They work well in nurseries, kid's rooms, creative spaces like offices or studios. They add a note of playfulness to everyday life. Each one is a labour of love and utterly unique.

A quiet mountain topped with a couple of happy clouds. A gentle sparkle of stardust.
I designed and hand stitched each cloud and each mountain using the highest quality 100% wool felt that I could find. I also used sublime quality Japanese 100% cotton embroidery thread to stitch each wool felt plush with. The sequins and toy filling used to stuff the motifs comply to all EU and UK safety standards.

I have added extra length of cotton string to the top of the wall hanging to allow you room to play with your ideas. You can either tie a loop and hang it on a hook, use masking tape, whatever suits you!